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Ivy Books
Release Date: August 27, 2002
ISBN: 0804120013
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Romantic Suspense / Mainstream Fiction
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes: Explicit love scenes.

In Too Deep
Cherry Adair

Revenge is sweet nectar when once obtained . . .

A year had passed since ex navy SEAL Michael Wright had visited Paradise Island. His last visit had made a sudden life changing impact by costing him his eye, career, and the death of his best friend. He now finds himself once again back at Paradise with the sole intent to seek out and destroy the demented soul responsible for all the pain he has had to endure. Having the island under surveillance gives him the perfect opportunity to plot out his revenge. He is stunned when the yacht carrying his archenemies daughter, Tally Cruise, unexpectedly explodes right before his eye. His gaze combs the sea to search for any survivors; miraculously he spies Tally and brings her safety aboard his ship. In her he sees a pawn that is ready to be used.

Paradise is no always as it appears . . .

Tally Cruise had arrived at Paradise Island to be reunited with a father that she had never known. The majestic beauty of the island lures her to believe that this reunion will be everything she had ever dreamed. Unexpectedly, the yacht she arrives on explodes under her feet. She finds herself hurled into the turbulent sea. Incredibly, she is saved when an unknown hand fishes her out of the ocean, and pulls her safety to the deck of his ship. When her gazes meets her guardian angel, she finds herself staring into the face of a pirate. Will this pirate succeed in capturing her heart, or destroy her in the process?

Cherry Adair's In Too Deep sizzles with every turn of the page. She has successfully loaded this captivating novel with some of the steamiest ammunition that includes such intriguing elements as mystery, suspense, and the true essence of romance. This book will fast become a rarity, for it is sure to be on everyone's who reads it keeper shelf. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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