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Publisher:   Five Star
Release Date:  August 2003
ISBN:   0786242329
Format Reviewed:  Hardcover
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Genre:   Regency Romance
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer 
Reviewer Notes:  

Lady Pamela
By Amy Lake

       Lord Benjamin Torrance (the Duke of Grentham), lately returned from his estates in Virginia, meets Lady Pamela Sinclair at the wedding of his cousin. They develop an acquaintance that rapidly develops into stronger feelings.

      Pamela had been the mistress of the Earl of Ketrick for three years, and this becomes a barrier between them. Lady Amanda Detwieler, close friend of Pamela, sets the wheels in motion to bring the two together, and thwarts his almost engagement to Lady Millicent.

      This is a lighthearted trip into the world of Regency society. The world of high society and its mores is well presented. The relationship between the Duke and his employees is pictured with humor. The morals and double standards of the Regency period are developed with their impact on the lives of Benjamin, Pamela and Millicent. The story is well written with clever and witty dialogue.


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