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Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory 
Release Date: April 2003 
ISBN: 0-7599-3806-7 
Format Reviewed: Advance Review Copy 
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Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:  Faith V. Smith
Reviewer Notes:

Last Of The O'Rourkes
By Kate Douglas 

      FBI agent, Kathleen Malone and food critic, Seamus O'Rourke have one thing in common; Riley, Seamus's dead brother and the father of Kathleen's unborn child. Their first meeting at the cemetery belongs between the pages of Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Seamus is curious about the beautiful blonde and oh so pregnant stranger, whereas Kathleen is sure she is looking at Riley's ghost. To compound a situation already fraught with misunderstanding and out of control emotions, Kathleen throws up on Seamus's shoes.

     Seamus is shocked to the roots of his soul when Kat drops an unsuspecting bomb; Riley, the brother he quit trying to understand years before, compromised his marriage vows. Not only did he bed Kat, she claims he also got her pregnant. Seamus does not believe her, neither he nor Riley could father children; due to a childhood illness. But instead of scolding her for concocting such a fabrication of lies, he finds himself escorting her home; or to what is left of her home.

     Kat has had more than enough shocks to last her a lifetime. The man might be Riley's twin brother but the resemblance ends there. They are as different as night and day. But he has offered her a ride and he is her baby's soon to be uncle even if he does not believe it. Kathleen is glad for his strong arm when she gets a view of her devastated home. For months, a stalker has targeted her, but she dismissed his juvenile threats; placing them on the bottom of her what is important list. But with this latest threat, he not only threatens her but the well being of her un-born child.

      Ms. Douglas has paired together two totally different characters in her novel. Much like East meeting West, Kat and Seamus have to find a way to overcome their differences. When the stalker physically assaults Kathleen, she finds herself leaning more and more on Seamus' strength. And when she finds herself falling in love, she wonders if he will ever see her as anything but the mother of Riley's child.

      Suspenseful, emotional and downright entertaining!