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Publisher: Robert Hale 
Release Date: August 2003 
ISBN: 070907459X 
Format Reviewed: Hardback 
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Genre: Historical Romance [1815, London] 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Rachel A Hyde 
Reviewer Notes:  

Lord Whitley's Bride
By Sharon Milburn 

      One moment Edith Backworth is living the peaceful and undemanding life of a rural Parson's daughter in Northumberland and the next she is Lady Edith, daughter of the new Lord Cramlington. The Peninsular War has killed off the other heirs and thus the title of Earl has passed to Edith's obscure clergyman father. There are all the excitements of London and the impending season to enthrall her, but then there is also her murderous cousin Bertram and her spiteful cousin Louisa to contend with. Of course, there is also her executor, the provoking yet fascinating family friend Lord Whitley to get to know…if she can stop her forthright tongue from upsetting him every time they meet!

     This is a fun Regency with plenty to hold the attention, and a sprightly heroine who is not at all the same sort of female as Charles' late fiancée Chloe. He is the typical alpha male, strong and dominating so much in need of being taken down a peg or two. This story particularly highlights the narrow confines of society, and the even narrower role of women as Edith has to become a society lady almost overnight and learn the intricate rules of the ton in order to fit in. Lurking in the background is the war with its huge loss of life; all the people in the story have lost close family and friends. There are no surprises here and this is a good example of a Regency romance, but perhaps one that conjures up a sense of those times better than many. This is the author's first novel so I hope to hear more of her again soon.