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Publisher: Gardenia Press
Release Date: July 2002
ISBN: 0971252580
Format Reviewed:
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Genre: Fiction/Gothic Romance
Reviewer: Jeanine Jones
Reviewer Notes: Mild reference to sex, tastefully written

Lost Souls of the Witches’ Castle
By Terri DuLong 

     In a medley of mystical intrigue and practical reality, Terri DuLong’s Lost Souls of the Witches’ Castle is a timely contribution to a shifting awareness in humanity, as a whole. DuLong has not just created a romance novel, but a story of courage and evolved beliefs, as she presents an uncharted model for love between women and men.

     Through an initially perceived “chance” meeting on the grounds of Danvers State, a remote, haunting mental institution in process of closing, a story begins to unfold of two wandering souls and possibly separated loves, perhaps on the brink of rediscovery and reunion. One feels the pain of Dana Etheridge, a single mother who, even after current success and stability, struggles with self-doubt and fear as she clings to a wounded past and disregards her own right to happiness; one also empathizes with Nick DeSantis, as he must choose between family loyalty and the truth that consumes his heart. Each must encounter, confront and conquer personal demons in order to cultivate a path towards unprecedented fulfillment. Through a synchronistic event orchestrated by Dana’s endearing and wise grandmother, Nick and Dana are gifted with a mirror of their love in the reflection of a parallel life and offered a chance to co-create a different ending.

     Dana and Nick discover a deeper trust in something larger than themselves, that not only provokes awakening in the characters, but a strange stirring in the reader; perhaps a vague memory of something we’ve all forgotten. DuLong leads one through an enigma, questioning the continuum of the soul, suggesting that life is much more than mere coincidence and coexistence.

     Terri DuLong’s Lost Souls of the Witches’ Castle is at the forefront of a new prototype in romance novels, including the eager passion and sensuality, but also offering a glimpse into a life force greater than the individual, implanting a seed sure to gestate. After reading her unique debut, you will sigh in satisfaction, and ponder in curiosity.

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