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Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: January 31, 2003
ISBN: 0373245130
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Romance / Series
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes: Explicit Content

Michael’s Discovery
The Devaneys - Silhouette Special Edition, No. 1513
By Sherryl Woods 

A warrior wounded in body and soul . . .

     Michael Devaney’s world revolved around danger and intrigue. He spent his life being a hero to his country by serving as a Navy SEAL. His greatest battle was yet to be fought when a special operations mission went terribly wrong and left him confined to a wheelchair. He knows that it will take all his strong will, determination, and the healing hands of therapist Kelly Andrews to get him back on his feet once again, but will all his hard effort be enough to return him to the career that he feels makes him a man?

A healer able to take away the pain . . .

     Ever since she was a teenager, Kelly Andrews had held a secret crush on her brother’s best friend Michael Devaney. Michael was abandoned by his family and placed in a foster home. He was unable to trust anyone enough to accept their unconditional love. His greatest ambition was to join the navy and become a member of the elite SEAL team. The navy provided Michael the close knit family he had always craved. When he suddenly finds himself injured and possible unable to return to his career, he sees himself as a man with nothing to offer. Can Kelly convince him there is more to a man than a uniform? Or is she setting her heart up to be broken?

     Sherryl Woods has done an exquisite job in writing Michael's Discovery. She superbly uses heartfelt characters that I found easy to relate to and share their emotions. This book is a part of the highly popular The Devaney's series – Five brothers torn apart in childhood, reunited by love. I look forward to discovering more of the Devaney’s through Ms. Woods’s creative penmanship.

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