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Publisher:   Ballantine Books (Ivy Imprint)
Release Date:  December 2002
ISBN:   0804119775
Format Reviewed:  Paperback (Mass market)
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Genre:   Romance (intrigue)
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:   Janet Elaine Smith
Reviewer Notes: Janet Elaine Smith is the author of Dunnottar, Marylebone, Par for the Course, In St. Patrick's Custody, Recipe for Murder, House Call to the Past, Monday Knight, My Dear Phebe, And They Called Her General Leigh, A Lumberjack Christmas, (soon to be re-released) A Christmas Dream, (soon to be released) Dakota Printer.

Midnight Rain
By Dee Davis

      It seemed like a routine job for undercover FBI Agent Katie Cavanaugh. She was to be the physical therapist for John Brighton. How tough could it be? He was confined to a wheelchair and had not even any muscle tone in his arms. He had come a long way-but in the wrong direction.

       John had gone to Mexico, but nobody knew why-not even John himself. He was found alongside a deserted highway, shot. Whoever had shot him had probably assumed he was dead, but he was too stubborn to die without a fight. What was taken from him was his memory. He had no idea why he went to Mexico, what his former job had been-even though he was the head man of a large computer industry--what he had done with the money he withdrew from an unused account of the business, or when or why he took it.

      It isn't long before sparks start to fly between Katie and John. She is close enough to get to the information she needs for the FBI investigation, and soon John begins to trust her and confides in her about the missing money. He wants to know what happened and why as much as anyone else. The FBI is also trying to unravel the murder of one of John's employees, which seems to be drug-related. They are convinced that John went to Mexico to get rid of the employee.

       Some of the remaining employees of John's business are determined to force John out of his position as the head of the company. John's brother is torn between his insecurity about John's ability to function effectively and his loyalty to the family.

      This is a fast-paced thrilling adventure, with a romance that will have you cheering for the twosome. It will have you sitting on the edge of your chair and you won't want to set it down until you turn the last page. Very highly recommended.

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