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Publisher: Warner Books
Release Date: June 2003
ISBN: 0-446-61126-3
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Contemporary Romance [Texas and New York]
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Faith V. Smith

Reviewer Notes: Explicit content.

My Hero
By Mary McBride 

     Ms. McBride has excelled in this book. I loved it.

     Hero: A knight in shining armor or just a man?

     Holly Hicks is going back to her roots-Texas. She would not be caught dead in the Lone Star state except for one reason; she has a shot at producing a television special. Her subject is one she could do without also-Hero Week. A hero was someone she rated as not worthy enough to be gum and stuck on her New York shoe. She did not believe in the word or the men who earned that title. She had learned a painful lesson from her dad; heroes stopped loving their daughters.

     Cal Griffin, hero extraordinaire, earned his unwanted honor after taking a bullet for the President of the United States. His injuries were so severe that, now after nine months of recovery, he still has problems remembering where he parked his car. His valor earned him a penchant for booze and caused him his marriage. Diana, the oh-so-expensive butter wouldn't melt in her mouth when she met him, has decided she cannot live with half-a-man. And since neither half was on active duty with the president, she had lost all interest in him.

     When an almost presidential command comes down for him to be interviewed for Hero Week, Cal is dead-set against it. He does not need some snooty high-rolling woman producer delving into his life. Some details were not for public consumption and he is determined to get the interview over with and get Ms. Holly Hicks back on a plane to New York. What he does not figure on is that his first glimpse of the petite and lovely Holly throws his heart and his libido into chaos.

     Holly finds her hero to be fascinating. He is not at all what she expected. His gallant and charming Texas charm pulls her in, even as he sweeps her off her feet. When she discovers he is the only one that believes he will make it back to the presidential detail, her heart is captured. His struggle to regain his strength and return to the West Wing is what truly makes him a hero in Holly's mind. And when he tells her he is half-in-love with her, her world goes up like the fireworks on a Fourth of July.

     Ms. McBride has excelled in this book. I loved it. The hero is truly that, a hero. His characteristics during trials and tribulations made me want to pin a metal on him myself. Her heroine has a heart that sought and found what makes a hero tick. The pages will fly by as you read My Hero make you hate to turn the last page.

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