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Publisher: Publish America 
Release Date: March 2003 
ISBN: 1-59286-444-9 
Format Reviewed: Trade Paperback 
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Genre:  Medieval Romance
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Faith V. Smith 
Reviewer Notes:  

Never To Love
By Mary Ann Carman

     Ciannait is the last of Clan Heit's witches. She has always used her powers for healing and is still learning to perfect her craft, when her father is killed in battle. She and her mother go to live with her uncle and life continues to change for Ciannait. Her mother soon joins her husband across the bridge of death, leaving Ciannait in the care of her Cousin Una and at the mercy of her Uncle.

      When he decrees she is to be married, Ciannait is not pleased. She has not the time or the inclination to marry. She must fulfill the vow of revenge she made after her father's death. When it becomes known her uncle instigated the fatal attack against her father in a raid and then slowly poisoned her mother, she is stunned. After meeting her betrothed, she finds herself falling in love with him and then she discovers Lorcan's father is the warrior who slain her father. She wonders how much her soon-to-be husband knew of the attack and if it will bode well for a lifetime of marriage.

     Lorcan knows he loves Ciannait; he knew it from the first moment he laid eyes on her. Can the love he feels overcome a web of guilt? Will his bride forgive him for being the son of a killer and for not stopping the slaying of her father and the destruction of her family home? As she spends time in his home before their marriage, he comes to the realization that his future bride is much more than he bargained for.

     Ms. Carman has brewed a fantasia of love in Never To Love. She adds additional conflict to the mix when Ciannait bands together with kin and spirits to save Lorcan. A wonderful blend of love and fantasy.