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Publisher: Awe-Stuck Ebooks  
Release Date:  November 29, 2003
ISBN:  1-58749-404-3
Format Reviewed: eBook 
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Genre:  Romance-Anthology / Christmas
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Suzie Housley 
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Northwest Tales of the Season
A Christmas Anthology
By Judith B. Glad, Mary Taffs, J.A. Clarke, Maureen Mackey, Ruby Lee Schneider and Jewel Stone 

There is no other anthology quite like Northwest Tales of the Season: A Christmas Anthology. Where else can you find a romance that is overflowing with such a vast wealth of compelling stories written by six of the leading names in romance? Readers will bask in the down-home country feeling of each heart-warming story. This book captures this true magic of the holiday and would make an excellent Christmas gift.

     Lord of Misrule by Judith B. Glad
     Katie and Luke Savage travel to Boise to spend Christmas with Katie's prominent, rich family. Having been married in a shotgun wedding, Luke is nervous the family will not accept him. He doubts he will be able to provide the lifestyle Katie is used to living. Will their marriage be strong enough to survive this obstacle?

     The Snass Chuck: From the Memoirs of Tillie Emerson Dewade by Ruby Lee Schneider
     In the fall of 1931, two school teachers, Tille and Mildred, await the arrival of Finn McCool. Finn had promised to pick them up and take them to the Christmas Dance. When he fails to arrive on time, they are forced to ride horseback to the event. Upon arriving, Tilly is attention is immediately drawn to Frank Dewade. Their first encounter sends an electrical shock up her arm. What impact is this handsome stranger about to have on her life?

     Keeper of Secrets by J.A. Clarke
     Ad Executive Shawna Carlton's world has been turned upside-down ever since she discovered her fiancée had been cheating on her. To help sort out what to do about the relationship, she seeks out peace and solitude at a friend's rustic cabin. The cabin comes with some unexpected surprises: no indoor plumbing, an unfriendly rat as the cabin's mascot, and a handsome neighbor in the form of Dr. Gregory Harris. Greg recognizes Shawna as a city girl unaccustomed to mountain life and decides to interrupt his vacation to be her exterminator and handyman. Will their growing nearness be just what the Doctor ordered?

     A Midnight Clear by Maureen Mackey
    Sophie Weyland had returned to Sea Spray to tie up loose ends of her Grandmother's estate. Having inherited her home and property, she planned to sell it to a contractor who would turn it into an exclusive resort. With the funds, she would be able to create a new life for herself-one far away from her teaching position in Portland. She hadn't counted on meeting any obstacles; her plan seemed foolproof, until she met Jake Lazzara. Jake is a lifetime resident of Sea Spray. Being a renowned business owner and head of the school board, he is a strong voice in the community, determined to block anything that threatens the quiet fisherman's village he calls home. Upon meeting Sophie, he recognized her as a beautiful, determined, woman. How will she react when she learns he was the one that was intent on playing havoc with her future?

     Delightful Christmas by Jewel Stone
    Shawnie Martin serves as a companion to Ramiro Sanchez and has grown to love the elderly man and see him as a father figure. She was saddened to learn this kindly old man's own son Ramiro broke his father's heart by not taking a interest in the family land and heritage. Instead, he selected to go off to college and become a successful businessman. After a long absence, Ramiro os scheduled to visit at Christmas. Upon their first encounter, Shawnie is determined to reunite the two. Will her plan be met with resistance-one that could endanger her own heart?

     A Ring For Christmas by Mary Taffs
     For the past four years, Neal had lived off the generosity of Marian, who was twenty-three years older and who offered him the opportunity to expand his artistic talents. As payment for her support, Neal offers her the only thing of value he owned-himself. Having just landed an art deal that promises a brilliant art career, it is time to celebrate. Rushing home to Marian, he is excited to share his good news, but is puzzled when she doesn't share in his happiness. When she indicates their relationship is over, he is determined to find out what is behind this sudden change of attitude.