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Publisher: Avon 
Release Date:  2003
ISBN:  0061032433
Format Reviewed:  Paperback
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Genre: Modern Romance 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:  Jen Oliver
Reviewer Notes:  

Once Upon a Wedding
By Kathleen Eagle

     Once Upon a Wedding takes readers on the journey of how Camille—the mother of a soon-to-be bride, Jordan—try to overcome their anxieties and problems. Camille is also faced with reuniting with Jordan's father, Creed. Creed appears to have changed since he was last in the picture. But has he? How does Camille face the reality that she will soon be the mother of the bride? Can she deal with going through intimate details with Creed? Can she deal with the overwhelming emotions that both of them have on her?

     Ms. Eagle does a great job of showing the reader how anxious Camille feels about having her beautiful daughter, Jordan, married, and facing her ex. The reader truly senses how Camille feels while going through the rehearsals and arranging for the flowers and dresses for the wedding. Ms. Eagle shows how first-handed it is for Camille to have to toss and turn through her emotions of love and hate for Creed. Ms. Eagle takes the reader through their own emotions throughout the book, and still provides the reader with hope for Camille and Creed.