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Publisher: Five Star
Release Date: 2002
ISBN: 07862-4601-4
Format Reviewed: Hardback
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes: Explicit Content

Once Upon a Secret
By Catherine Andorka

     After the death of her parents, Dr. Tori Glenn assumed the responsibility of caring for her younger brother Kevin. She instilled in him the high educational standards her parents would have expected if they had lived. She was very proud of his latest accomplishment of winning the statewide contest for young journalists. His prize included an interview with famous rock star Brad Daniels. Although a rock star with the reputation "Rock Music's Sexiest Bad Boy" was not the type of ideal role model she would have picked to influence her brother, she still showed her support by accompanying him to the concert and interview. Upon meeting Brad, she was surprised to discover that he was nothing like she had envisioned him; his kindness to her and her brother was very heart-warming.

     Brad Daniels was on top of his career as one of rocks leading male vocalists. He felt that he had the world at his fingertips-but something was missing that would make his life complete. When an eager fan injured his hand and jeopardized him canceling the concert, in steps in Dr. Tori Glenn to the rescue. Tori was a Chiropractor who had come to his concert with her younger brother, who was scheduled to do a backstage interview with him. Her kind and compassionate nature appealed to his baser senses. Could she be what his life had been lacking? Would he be able to convince her that his lifestyle and image was nothing like the tabloids had fabricated?

      Catherine Andorka is the type of author you know you are going to enjoy within minutes of reading the first few pages of her latest novel. It is rare to find an author with talent and ambition to write "outside the box" themes that bring to light characters that are facing very real and emotional issues. From the moment I first read the blurb of Once Upon a Secret, I knew this was a novel and author I must track down. I am pleased that I listened to my six sense, for it has led me to not only a book to treasure, but an author who I feel is one of the most talented in the industry. Her flawless writing style is to be admired and commended.

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