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Publisher: Silhouette  
Release Date: July 2003 
ISBN:  0373196733
Format Reviewed:  Paperback
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Genre: Romance / contemporary / series 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks 
Reviewer Notes:  

One Bride: Baby Included
Silhouette Romance, No. 1673
By Doreen Roberts

     George Bentley's mother, Bettina, is a striking figure and a strong woman who raised her son to be a successful, independent man. George loves her and is open to doing just about anything for her - except this. In no way will this intelligent, well-established, perfect male specimen babysit the one girl who use to call him Georgie Porgie, followed by that horrid little poem about girls and crying that all boys named George grow up to hate. His specialty is finances, not spoiled brats.

      Amelia is moving from the small, safe town of Willow Falls to Portland Oregon. Her apartment and future look promising, and after one look at the grown-up, sexy Georgie, Amelia can almost forget the reason she left her safe little town . . . almost.

      Author Doreen Roberts has been writing romances for some time. This charming romance proves that her gift is as polished as ever. Amy and Georgie are plausible characters attempting to reconcile emotionally long before things get physical. George's mother and the couple's former teen relationship add light humor to the story, and Roberts' gift for the occasional cliffhanger, no matter how small or simple, keeps the reader hooked.

       The Silhouette Romance series is known for its gentle romances. If you enjoy old- fashioned romances built on emotional relationships first, this is a series you must to try. They are the perfect afternoon treat.

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