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Publisher: Zebra Books
Release Date: June 2003
ISBN: 0821773410
Format Reviewed: Advanced Reading Copy
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Genre: Modern Romantic comedy
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jeanine Jones
Reviewer Notes: Light sexual reference

Perfect Together
By Lisa Plumley 

     With a generous dose of softhearted humor and a clever design of endearing characters, Lisa Plumley has meshed the romance and edginess of a soap opera with the zany wit of a sitcom, in her addictive and charming read, Perfect Together.

     As a previous childhood starlet, Marley Madison has never known a life outside of auditions, cameras, and the incessant maintenance of celebrity status. She has never known any form of normalcy, nor tasted anything of true value. But when Marley begins to fully realize her career is suffering due to her child star cast, her agent concocts a plan for her to go undercover on the reality show Dream Date, and Marley adopts an alter ego with the intent of fooling millions, thus proving her true acting abilities and reviving her career in a new direction.

     Jake Jarvis is the hunkiest and youngest sportscaster in town, a single father, and surprisingly genuine and ordinary to the core. In a desperate attempt to maintain his well-loved position at KKZP, he reluctantly bows to the news director's request to participate on the reality show Dream Date, as a publicity stunt to heighten his image and rope in a wider range of viewers.

     With two who couldn't be more opposite, the hand of fate swoops in nudging Jake and Marley into each other's path, commencing a series of comical, and tear challenging events, highlighted with unforeseen bends in the road.

     Lisa Plumley's Perfect Together is an enjoyable, warm story with characters that serve as great company. You will ride the waves of emotion, with a frequent giggle along the way, and bask in the sweetness of satisfaction when the last page is turned.

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