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Publisher: Warner Forever 
Release Date:
September 2003 
ISBN: 0446612677
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Genre: Historical Romance 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jen Oliver 
Reviewer Notes: Part of The Secret Clan series

Reiver's Bride
The Secret Clan series, No. 4
By Amanda Scott

     Reiver's Bride introduces romance readers to Lady Anne Ellyson and Sir Christopher Chisholm. Lady Anne has been faced with several obstacles in trying to get Sir Christopher back to her cousin, as he was betrothed to her. Little does Sir Christopher realize that Lady Anne starts having mixed feelings about her cousin being married to him.

     Reiver's Bride has humor mixed in with steamy romance. As this reviewer prefers contemporary romances, Reiver's Bride has intrigued this reviewer enough to find Ms. Scott's other historical romance novels. Ms. Scott does a great job in developing the romance in this story as well as developing the characters, including the house staff member who ends up playing a very important role. The historical part comes in with the thought of having a woman betrothed to a man, and Ms. Scott does a good job in playing with this idea and makes it an integral part of the story. The romance is well developed and does not have characters rush into things with each other and their hearts.