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Publisher: Warner Books, Inc.
Release Date: December 2002
ISBN: 0-446-61189-1
Format Reviewed: Mass Paperback
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: Kristie Leigh Maguire
Reviewer Notes:

Return to Oak Valley
By Shirlee Busbee

     The Granger's and the Ballinger's had been feuding for over a hundred years, ever since the first Granger and the first Ballinger had migrated to Oak Valley, nestled in the mountains of northern California, after the Civil War. The Granger's were from the South and the Ballinger's were from the North. Naturally they were at each other's throats from the onset. And the feud hadn't let up in modern times either.

     Young Shelly Granger had fallen in love with Sloan Ballinger. But Josh, Shelly's brother, still upheld the feud between the Granger's and the Ballinger's. There was no way he wanted his baby sister to marry one of those despicable Ballinger's.

     Shelly Granger had not been back to her home in Oak Valley for seventeen long years. Not since the night she found her lover, Sloan Ballinger, in the arms of another woman. The only thing that brought her back now was the suicide death of her beloved brother, Josh.

     Shelly was soon to discover that the brother she thought she knew and had idolized existed only in her mind. After her return to Oak Valley from New Orleans, she began to discover things about him that just could not be true.

     Old flames die hard. The sparks between Shelly and Sloan had been embers for seventeen long years. One look at each other and the flames of desire were once again blazing hot and bright. Could Shelly prove the old saying that one can never go back wrong? Would fate be kinder to her and Sloan this second go around?

     Shirlee Busbee has created one heck of a story in Return to Oak Valley. It is mystery, intrigue and romance all tied up into one amazing package. Busbee's magical words transported me to Oak Valley. I felt as though I was right there in northern California helping Shelly run the cattle ranch, feeling her joy and her pain right along with her. Return to Oak Valley is a wonderful book and one that I highly recommend.

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