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Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: Feb 1, 2003
ISBN: 0373123051
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Modern Romance
Jeanine Jones
Reviewer Notes: Explicit love scenes

The Riccioni Pregnancy (Expecting!)
Harlequin Presents, No. 2305
By Daphne Clair 

     As an awakening woman myself, I am excitedly impressed with Daphne Clair's accurate insight to move with the altering times. Her obvious and endless well of talent has contrived a profound story of a young woman's struggle and determination to discover her own identity, thus independence, in The Riccioni Pregnancy.

     Clair sheds light on a real issue within modern relationships, using the magnetic catalysts of Roxanne and Zito Riccioni, a married yet separated couple who are challenged to unveil the truth of love as Roxanne's unwavering commitment towards self discovery shakes the foundation of their union. Within this stimulating tale, Clair has articulately manifested a fierce modern woman who, through self-devotion, not only redefines true strength, but does so without surrendering the softness and femininity that characterize women. Roxanne sets a fresh tone for the balanced woman of today; one with the ability to encompass many facets of life while breaking bondage to the archetypal ways, all the while maintaining her powerful, inherent sensuality. Through unanticipated waves, roles reverse and reverse again, as Zito must come to terms with an innate, ancient pattern strongly embedded in his Italian heritage, and more collectively in his maleness. He must face his bravado with humility and clarity, in order to recognize and acknowledge the once naïve girl he married as the self-sufficient, creative woman she's become. With the twist of an unexpected pregnancy, their love and commitment are severely challenged towards a deeper level of honesty.

     I applaud Daphne Clair's sassy style and her bold, successful efforts to create a romance heated with the expected interludes of steamy passion, yet streamed with a fabric of substance. The Riccioni Pregnancy is paving the way for romance stories more proportionately appropriate for this present day of empowered women.

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