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Publisher: Harlequin 
Release Date: July 2003 
ISBN: 0373691343 
Format Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback 
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Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Series romance 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks 
Reviewer Notes:  

Temptation, 934 (American Heroes)
By Donna Kauffman 

     Donna Kauffman is a master at bringing characters to life. Usually with a few pages, there is an intimate, emotional connection between her readers and her characters. Sean is no different. In this case, any single, working woman will identify with Laurel and wish for a Sean of their own.

     Sean Gannon analyzes his single status while attending his brother's wedding. Sean is good looking, in good health and has a steady, not to mention, impressive job with the US Marshal Services. He enjoys being with women, but is often distracted by his job. Maybe that's his problem; he has yet to meet a woman who is able to distract him completely. Lucky for Sean, he is heading to the US Virgin Islands for a little work and hopefully a lot of feminine distraction.

     Ninth Judicial Court Judge, Laurel Patrick is part of the Patrick judicial dynasty. She has worked hard for her position and made the Patricks' proud. But her true desire is to fall in love, marry, have kids, stay at home, and help her local community. After being in a negative relationship and taking her work far too seriously, Laurel is given a trip to the Virgin Islands. Laurel is looking forward to a lot of R&R and possibly a little male distraction.

     Needless to the say these two meet in paradise and the physical attraction is inevitable. Steam permeates the pages as these two connect, but the casual delights end suddenly when Laurel leaves. Sean, unable to forget her, eventually follows. Laurel has proven she can take care of herself, but this situation is taking its toll. Sean, being the observant Deputy, knows something is wrong and investigates. Laurel's Knight-in-shining armor stands before her at the ready, but will she let him save her?