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Publisher: Amber Quill 
Release Date: November 2003 
ISBN: 159279 (Electronic) 159279 (Paperback) 
Format Reviewed: Paperback (Advance Review Copy) 
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Genre:  Romance/ Dark Fantasy
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Suzie Housley  

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Very graphic scenes of violence; best viewed by a mature audience.

The Shadowlord, No. 1
By Charlotte Boyett-Compo

     Their destinies were entwined . . .

      Aradia Lykopis is the leader of a group of Amazeen women warriors. When she learns two of her members have been captured by the fearful Rysalians, she hopes to avoid war by volunteering to rescue them herself. Her journey leads her to an inn for food and shelter, where she finds herself drawn to a dark and mysterious man. She is puzzled at why this man seems familiar; it as though they have met at another time and place. She learns that his name is Lord Jaelan Ben-Ashaman, and he is a Shadowlord. His position holds much influence and power and he is feared by many. She knows this alley could prove invaluable if she could convince him to join her crusade. At what sacrifice is she willing to make to gain the support of this mighty warrior?

    Jaelan Ben-Ashaman's life has been filled with unspeakable pain and soul-drenching sorrow. There has been one person who he felt he owed his life to - for she had sacrificed her own love and happiness to grant him the ability to live. Her selfless act of kindness on that one fateful day has burned an image that still resides in his memory. He immediately recognized Aradia Lykopis when he entered the inn, for she was the same one that had been in his dreams, thoughts, and unrestricted heart. Although she tried to disguise her identity, his inner soul recognized her as the woman who was responsible for his very existence. He felt compelled to learn what had brought her to this forbidden land. He is surprised when she seeks him out and asks for his help to save her captured Amazeen friends. He knows this is a prime opportunity to keep her in his life forever. In exchange for his services, the price he requires is for her to be joined with him through all eternity. Will the love he has finally found deliver death and destruction to his doorstep?

     With over thirty books in print in various types of romance categories, I am thoroughly convinced any new reader that wishes to branch out of their normal reading pattern should start with a Charlotte Boyett-Compo book. Being new to Dark Fantasy Romance, I didn't know what to expect, or if I would enjoy this type of new reading adventure. As I turned the pages of ShadowWind: Book 1 - The Shadowlord, I knew without a doubt; I found myself captured by these mesmerizing characters that Charlotte Boyett-Compo alone can so uniquely create. ShadowWind: Book 1 - The Shadowlord is a gripping tale filled with vibrant conflict and intense drama. Readers will find themselves impatiently waiting for the next installment in this unforgettable saga. This remarkable tale of selfless love will long live on in the hearts and minds of readers. Very highly recommended.