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Publisher: Genesis Pr Ltd
Release Date: July 2002
ISBN: 1585710784
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Romantic Suspense
Reviewer: Carisa Weeaks
Reviewer Notes:

Southern Comfort
Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories
By J.M. Jeffries  

     Former Army Lieutenant Hardesty Arnaud was just hired as Police Chief of her hometown, St. Martine, LA, and now has a murder on her hands. What’s worse is that none of the people in the town, including the mayor, newspaper editor, or even the deputy DeWitt DuPree, care about proper procedure. They tamper with evidence, try to take away evidence and even use the body as some sort of prop for a morbid picture of the deputy for his photo album. Now, one would think that Hardesty has enough to deal with…until she finds out who the victim is.

     Special Agent Nick Brannigan has come down to investigate why U.S. Marshall John Murphy, who was protecting their star witness, Capizi, from a mob family who’s after him, hasn’t returned any phone calls, and why the Chief of Police had sent Capizi’s fingerprints to Washington for identification. He couldn’t have imagined that while trying to find the Chief’s house, he’d run into the woman of his dreams.

     This is an amazingly well-written read about a hot, humid, down-in-the-bayou romance. What I love about the team of Miriam Pace and Jackie Hamilton is that they write stories in such a realistic way. The characters ALL have quirks, the women are REAL women, and the men get proverbially sucker-punched when they first MEET them. The plot is absolutely brilliant, and the down home comforts of the South shine through the pages like moonlight through the branches of the bayou trees. I definitely recommend this book!

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