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Publisher: Harlequin/Flipside 
Release Date: Oct. 2003 
ISBN: 0-373-44175-4 
Format Reviewed:  Mass market Paperback
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Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Janet Elaine Smith 
Reviewer Notes:  Reviewer, Janet Elaine Smith, is the author of 11 published novels, including Dunootar, Marylebone, Par for the Course, In St. Patrick's Custody, Recipe for Murder, House Call to the Past, Monday Knight, My Dear Phebe, A Christmas Dream and A Lumberjack Christmas. She also writes regularly for 9 print magazines, as well as several e-zines.

Staying Single
By Millie Criswell

     I am not a huge fan of the new phenomena known as "Chick Lit." However, when I heard Millie Criswell had one of the two novels for Harlequin's new Chick Lit imprint, Flipside, I knew I had to have it. You see, I have never read a Millie Criswell book I didn't love. So, I was willing to take a chance on it. I was sure I wouldn't be disappointed-and I definitely wasn't.

     True to many of Millie's other books, Staying Single delves into another Italian family (although a bit dysfunctional, which is part of Millie's charm-her abnormal families almost make our own seem normal by comparison). This one takes place in Philadelphia, which is my favorite US city, making it doubly enticing.

     Francesca Morelli is on her way to the altar-again! This is her third trip. Is the third time a charm, or is it a matter of "three strikes and you're out"? As she heads down the aisle with her father, she panics and bolts. A car is waiting for her, arranged for by her gay male roommate. Where does he send her? To Niagra Falls: the honeymoon capital of the US!

     Matt Carson is left standing at the altar-alone. He knew her past record for dodging weddings, so he shouldn't be too upset. Matt's half-brother, Mark Fielding, arrives at the church just in time to see the remains of Francie as she disappears into the awaiting car. When he gets inside and discovers what has just happened, he sets his plan of revenge into action.

     Within a few days Mark has sent Matt and their parents to Hawaii to get over the whole affair-or lack of it, and Mark has wormed his way into Francie's life through her workplace.

     The only thing Mark hadn't planned on was falling head-over-heels in love with Francie. Would she hate him forever once he tells her the truth, or does love truly forgive anything?

     This, as all Millie Criswell books, is laugh after laugh. I highly recommend it. If all Chick Lit is like Staying Single, it's a new genre that is here to stay for a long time.