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Publisher: 1stBooks Library 
Release Date:  June 2003
ISBN: 1410738760 
Format Reviewed:  Paperback
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Genre:  Time travel/Romance [West coast, 21st and 24th centuries]
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Lynda E. Lukow 
Reviewer Notes:  Sex: Implied

Steal Me Away
By AngeliQue Cherene Shatzel 

     Disillusioned by her distant, abusive marriage, Marina wishes for passion. On her birthday she meets a man who could fulfill her every desire, if she would only tempt fate.

     Captain Joseph Marlett realizes the woman in a friend's picture holds the key to his heart. He travels back to Marina's time and wheedles her agreement to accompany him to the future.

    Marina's morals, combined with her difficult adjustment to futuristic laws, blind her to Joseph's love. After his nemesis kidnaps her, she believes the worst of Captain Marlett.

     Joseph regains her physical custody, but despite valiant efforts, he can't claim her heart. He loves her so deeply; he decides to send her back to her own time, where she believes her happiness lies.

     Will Marina realize all she lost before it's too late? Will Joseph, once and for all, prove his love eternal?

     "Steal Me Away" is a fantastic escape. Ms. Shatzel's intriguing plot, attention to detail and vivid descriptions pull readers into the twenty-fourth century. Her characters are well rounded and magnetic. You won't want to set it aside even after you read the ending.