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Publisher: Avon  / HarperCollins
Release Date:  July 29, 2003
ISBN: 0380821044 
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy  
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Sheila Griffin 
Reviewer Notes:  Explicit sexual scenes

Talk of the Town
By  Suzanne Macpherson

      Shortly after her wedding, Kelly Atwood discovers a bag of cocaine in her new husband's suitcase. When she confronts Raymond, he slaps her across the face. Instinctively she throws a left hook which knocks him unconscious. Fearing what will happen when he comes to, Kelly grabs her suitcase and disappears. In the hallway she runs smack into a couple of goons. They grab her suitcase and rip it apart. Breaking free, she sprints for the elevator. She takes off in Raymond's Beemer.

       Kelly later decides to ditch the car. Opening the trunk at the bus station, she discovers a briefcase full of money. Not wanting to leave the dough in the car, she takes it with her. Aboard the bus, she is befriended by an eccentric woman named Myrtle Crabtree. By ride's end, Myrtle has convinced Kelly to visit Paradise, Washington--Myrtle's home town. It's a town happily stuck in the 1950's.

     After she gets settled, Kelly calls a friend back in LA and learns that Raymond is dead. Kelly is wanted for his murder. She realizes that the goons must have been looking for the coke and the cash. When they didn't find it, they killed Raymond. Now they must be looking for her.

       Sam Grayson is Paradises's favorite son. He's returned home, ready to settle down and raise a family. From the moment he first sees Kelly, Sam is attracted to her. Despite her spiked hair and tattoo, Sam simply can't resist her. The more he learns about her, the more concerned he becomes that she may really be too wild for him.

     For a book in which the main character is being hunted by both criminals and the law, there is surprisingly little action. However, the people of Paradise are so much fun that the slow pace of the plot is not disappointing.

     This book was great. It was filled with the author's unique brand of humor, hot sex, and enjoyable characters. I hope there will be many more books set in this town.