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Publisher: Avon / HarperCollins
Release Date:  August 2003
ISBN: 0380817918 
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Historical Romance [Scotland]
Reviewed: 2003

Suzie Housley

Reviewer Notes:  Sexual content

Taming the Scotsman
By Kinley Macgregor

      The name Kinley Macgregor is highly sought-after by romance fans. With each compelling novel, she intertwines characters that quickly turn into people we grow to cherish and love. With Taming the Scotsman, she adds to her treasure chest of precious jewels.

      Eleanor "Nora" Alexander is determined she will not to be forced into a loveless marriage. She devises a plan that requires her to seek out the services of Ewan MacAllister. Her request is for him to guide her safely to her aunt's home in England. She knows the MacAllister name carries much weight; no one would dare challenge her while she was under his protection. Will she be able to convince him to help her?

     It has been a year since Ewan MacAllister learned he had unwittingly contributed to his brothers Kieran's untimely death. He was duped in believing his brother's woman Isobail was secretly in love with him. She convinced him to take her to England to start a new life. Once they arrived she confessed she had lied so that she could return to the arms of her true lover.

     Heartbroken, Ewan returned home to find his family in sorrow over his brother's suicide. He was shocked to learn after he departed with Isobail, Kieran had been unable to live without her and walked into the murky depths of the loch. His brother's death would haunt him for the rest of his life. Having shut himself away from the world, he is surprised when he receives a visit from a beautiful woman named Nora. She tries to convince him that he is her only chance of escaping a loveless marriage. Is this déjà vu? Will he agree to help her knowing what tragic consequences could occur?

     The rich historic details paint a vivid picture that captures the essence of romance. These are invaluable ingredients that make for an award-winning novel.