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Publisher: Warner Forever 
Release Date:  September 2003
ISBN:  0446610445
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jen Oliver 
Reviewer Notes:  

That Summer
By Joan Wolf 

     That Summer brings new life to an old theme in romance novels-falling back in love with someone that you had known years before. Readers are introduced to Anne Foster, who temporarily comes home to replace the town's veterinarian and help raise prize thoroughbreds. In coming home, Anne meets the man that she had fallen in love with ten years previous, Liam Wellington. As Anne works side by side with Liam in raising the thoroughbreds, she is forced to meet the demands of a mystery of long ago and the love that she still has for Liam.

     Joan Wolf has created in depth characters that make the reader feel Anne and Liam's emotions within themselves. Readers want the best for Anne and Liam and hope that the intriguing mystery from years gone past works out the best for Anne and Liam. The story line is solid and provides the necessary twists and turns to make this book an enjoyable one. The romance is well developed and the reader feels the love that Anne has had for years for Liam, which can be hard to do at times within a novel.