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Publisher: Avon  / HarperCollins
Release Date: 2003 
ISBN: 0380789949 
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Genre: Romance 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jen Oliver  
Reviewer Notes: Review one 

This Time Love
By Elizabeth Lowell 

     If you ever thought that cave exploring and romance do not mix, try again. Elizabeth Lowell does a fantastic job in creating a touching story about Joy Anderson and Gabe Venture, former lovers and their desire for exploring the world. Years ago, Gabe and Joy had gotten together and had an extremely passionate short-lived romance before Gabe had to leave to cover a fascinating story for a magazine article. Little did he know exactly what he had left behind. Now they have gotten back to exploring the former cave development where they had their first passionate encounter. Did they rekindle their love? Did they overcome past anger and betrayal?

     Ms. Lovell does a fantastic job in developing these two characters and showing their passionate love for one another. The reuniting of these two characters add to the tension that anyone can face when meeting an ex-lover again. Ms. Lovell also does an excellent job in giving extremely detailed information on how caves might have been developed over the hundreds of years. Using the element of cave exploring gives the reader a sense of how much these two characters have to overcome in order to be able to trust each other in the depths of the earth.