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Publisher: William Morrow/HarperCollins Publishers
Release Date: January 2003
ISBN: 0-06-0008735-8
Format Reviewed: Hardcover
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: Elaine Broome

Reviewer Notes: Adult Sexual Content

Review Two

This Time Love
By Elizabeth Lowell

     Can we escape our past or are we forever its prisoner? Can we find our way back to happiness and love, or do we only get one chance? In This Time Love, Elizabeth Lowell's characters search for answers to these questions. Their journeys take them from love, to betrayal and lies, and back again.

     When Gabriel Venture left 20 year old Joy Anderson, she is devastated . . . and pregnant. She struggles alone to raise her daughter, finish college, and just survive. And, she does. Joy is now a respected researcher faced with the imminent end to her valued project. She would do anything to save the project, even work with the man she hates but cannot forget. When 27year old Dr. Joyce Anderson faces Gabe again, she feels the pain of her past closing in on her

     Gabriel, now a popular writer, has spent the last seven years regretting leaving Joy, and traveling the world trying to forget her. Even though they both try, neither can forget the past, and doubt that they can forgive it.

     When you open a book by Elizabeth Lowell, you know you're in for a powerful story, honest emotions and beautifully drawn characters. This Time Love delivers on all accounts. Lowell makes you taste Joy and Gabriel's regret and anxiously cross your fingers in hope for their future. These characters and this story will get under your skin and stay there long after you close the book. This Time Love is a story of the power of love, the power to overwhelm us, to destroy us, and ultimately, if we are very lucky, to redeem us.

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