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Publisher: Harlequin Superromance 
Release Date:  October 2003
ISBN:  0-373-71164-6
Format Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback 
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Genre:  Romance/contemporary
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:   Janet Elaine Smith
Reviewer Notes:  Janet Elaine Smith is the author of 11 published novels, including A Lumberjack Christmas and A Christmas Dream. Her latest time travel, Par for the Course, was selected as 1st runner up as Best Time Travel of 2003 by Affaire de Couer magazine's internet competition. She is also a well-know magazine writer for both print magazines and several e-zines.

Those Christmas Angels
By Debbie Macomber

     Debbie Macomber has brought joy and love to thousands of readers over the past few years with her delightful, although rather mischievous angels-Shirley, Goodness and Mercy. This year presents a new volume, Those Christmas Angels.

     In each of Macomber's "angel books," the trio is sent back to earth to try to find love for a specific person. This year it is time for Anne Fletcher's prayer to be answered. Anne lost her husband-to her son Roy's fiancee-and it has left Roy bitter and completely wrapped up in his very successful dot-com business.

     Shirley is extremely anxious to get this assignment, as she was present when Anne was born. She knows she can help Roy, but also give Anne a little boost in the process.

     Julie Wilcoff, a young schoolteacher, is certainly not who they would have chosen for Roy, but when she shows up at his company doorstep on her bicycle, the angels decide it might be worth a try. So, they give Julie a little accidental run-in when her bicycle is supposedly hit by Roy. Roy insists he never touched her bicycle, and they definitely get off on the wrong foot when he escorts her to his doctor and then insults her by offering her a $25,000 settlement, which Julie flatly refuses.

     With a good dose of help from Those Christmas Angels, a relationship soon begins to develop, and Anne is thrilled. Anne, meanwhile, gets some added Christmas cheer when Shirley puts in an appearance, and Anne-who is an artist-paints a picture of the angel. This painting plays an important part in the story, both in Anne and Roy's relationship, as well as revenge, which is oh, so sweet.

     The angels have only until midnight on Christmas Eve to pull off their matchmaking, and time is running out. They have to do some fancy footwork to make things work, so they reproduce a letter Julie wrote Roy and which he threw away, hide his TV remote control, and put Julie smack dab in the middle of the evening news.

     If you have never read one of Macomber's angel books, you are in for a real treat with this one. And when you finish it, try to find the older volumes as well. It is the best treat Christmas has to offer.