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Publisher: Avon 
Release Date:  July 29, 2003
ISBN:   0380821060
Format Reviewed: Paperback  
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Genre:   Historical Romance [Scotland, September 1782]
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:   Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes:  Explicit love scenes

To Love A Scottish Lord
The Highland Lords, No. 4
By Karen Ranney

     A soul in need of saving . . .

     Hamish MacRae returned to his homeland of Scotland a broken and embittered man. In India he lost his ship, crew, and was savagely tortured. After a year of imprisonment he managed to escape the evil clutches that held him captive. His brother Brendan found him, more dead than alive, a mere shell of the man he once had been. Having lost the use of his arm, Hamish wants nothing more than to be left alone. He is content to lock himself away from the prying eyes of the world to live his life in a desolate castle. Brendan desperately wants to free his brother from the demons that haunt his memory. He travels to Inverness to ask for the help of a local healer, Mary Gilly. Will his interference in Hamish's life be met with resistance? Or is Mary the much-needed medicine that can cure his brother of what ails him?

     A wounded spirit in need of a healer . . .

      After the death of her parents, Mary Gilly agreed to marry a close family friend ten years older, providing her with wealth, stability, and security-all the elements missing from her life. She cared deeply for her husband and was distraught when her healing hands were unable to save his life. His death left her a very rich and wealthy widow.

     Now alone in the world, she freely shares her skill and talent for healing with the local townsfolk. They are so convinced of her healing power that they dub her the "Angel of Inverness." She is surprised when one of her late husband's clients travels far to ask for her help in helping cure his brother. She sees this offer as a way to travel and see unknown sights. She readily accepts his offer and begins the long journey to seek out Hamish MacRae, who immediately rejects her offer to help. In his eyes she catches a glimpse of the cruel injustice he has been made to suffer. She recognizes that his wounds go far deeper than what is physically apparent. Will he allow her into his world and give her the opportunity to prove love can conquer all things?

     To Love A Scottish Lord: Book Four of the Highland Lords is one of the best books Karen Ranney has ever written. Her heartfelt cast of characters will penetrate deep into your heart. This is the type of book romance readers crave. Its wide variety of emotional scenes will demand to be read in one sitting. This author never fails to deliver a book that is sure to become a treasured keepsake. I predict this book will be the best-loved historical romance of 2003. Very highly recommended.

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