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Publisher: Forge/Tom DohertyAssociates LLC  
Release Date:  June 16, 2003
ISBN: 0765306557  
Format Reviewed: Hardcover  
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Genre: Romantic suspense  
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer  
Reviewer Notes:  

By Carole Bellacera

      Robin Malcahey and Amy Shiley are roommates at William and Mary College. Physically, the two are so alike they might be sisters, but personality-wise they are opposites. Robin, from a wealthy family, is a free spirit with no moral restraints, while Amy is shy, studious with no family. They become best friends. Amy is made a member of Robin's family where she falls in love with Robin's brother, Paul. She envies Robin for her "ideal" family and cannot understand Robin's attitude toward her family.

     On a fateful night the two are in an automobile accident. Robin is killed and Amy is battered beyond recognition. Amy is mistaken for Robin and in her weakened condition goes along with the deception. She assumes Robin's life and career for six years, but she is never happy with her life. A discovery in Robin's journals reveals Robin's dark secret about her family, and gives Amy the strength to come to terms with her life.

      This is an intriguing story about the bond between two young women and the tragic consequences in their lives, fast-paced, with a mixture of suspense and romance full of twists and turns. The stress of one person trapped in a hopeless situation is handled with compassion and understanding. The story is full of emotion with a cast of strong, true-to- life characters. It will hold the reader's attention to learn the final outcome.