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Publisher: Avon / HarperCollins 
Release Date:  August 2003
ISBN:  0060505249
Format Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback 
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Genre: Romance / Anthology / Historical 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks 
Reviewer Notes: X-rated love scenes 

Where's My Hero?
By Lisa Kleypas, Kinley MacGregor, Julia Quinn 

Against the Odds by Lisa Kleypas
     (Regency-era) Dr. Jake Linley envies Lord Wray's engagement to Lydia. The good doctor desires her strength, intelligence, and beauty, but his desire is hidden behind sharp words, as is Lydia's. Two days before the wedding, Linley and Lydia are locked in the wine cellar. Will Dr. Linley reveal his emotions without compromising Lydia?

Midsummer's Knight by Kinley MacGregor
     Simon of Raveswood is mistaken for Lord Stryder by Kenna, cousin to Malcom, King of Scotland. Simon and Kenna have been writing to each other, revealing their souls on vellum. Their past is linked by pain and loss, and so will be their future if Kenna is forced to marry Stryder. Will Simon accept this or bravely fight his Lord for her hand?

A Tale of Two Sisters by Julia Quinn
     Ned Blydon is about to marry Lydia Tornton. The poor man is surround by females telling him what to do, and now, to witnesses his bride eloping with a poet! It's too much. Ned reaches for the nearest female and demands she replace his eloping bride. Will Charlotte, Lydia's sister, comply?

     Where's My Hero? is an anthology with characters from past published romances -- Someone to Watch Over Me by Kleypas, Splendid by Quinn, and Master of Desire by MacGregor. The returning heroes have similar, yet different situations concerning their hearts. Each handles it in a different way, but readers can bet they aren't the kind of men to leave their damsels in distress. The tales are brief, romance hot and characters likeable. Fans of the romances previously mentioned will enjoy Where's My Hero?