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Publisher: Zumaya Publications
Release Date: 2002
ISBN: 1-894869-81-8
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Romantic Suspense
Reviewer: Mary Lynn
Reviewer Notes:

White Azaleas
By Margery Harkness-Casares 

Maura Sinclair has it all: a great job, a rich, handsome fiancé, and a bright future. But when her foster father is killed after going on an apparent shooting spree, she finds herself thrown into the arms of Dr. Simon Boyd, a biochemist.

It doesn't take long for Maura and Simon to realize that they are physically attracted to each other. But Maura's fiancé, Skylar Barrett, the owner of the lab Maura and her foster father worked for, is not the type of man to tolerate another male paying attention to Maura. Nor is he likely to want or tolerate anyone, including Maura, looking into a case the police seem satisfied to consider closed.

While trying to fight their growing attraction to each other, Maura and Simon must also keep the possessive and powerful Skylar from learning of their probe into the events surrounding the death of Maura's foster father. An attempt is made on Simon's life and they realize someone will go to any lengths to silence them.

White Azaleas starts off with a bang and maintains the level of excitement throughout the book. Ms. Harkness-Casares has an easy, engaging writing style that kept White Azaleas flowing smoothly. The author has managed to create realistic three-dimensional characters in Maura and Simon. The reader is even given a glimpse into the minds and motivations of the villain and/or villains, making for a well-rounded and interesting read.

Readers who enjoy romantic suspense laced with a fair amount of action will want to give White Azaleas a try.

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