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Publisher: Wings ePress, Inc 
Release Date: April 2003 
ISBN: 1590881893 & 1590888499  
Format Reviewed: Ebook printout 
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Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jen Oliver 
Reviewer Notes:

Wings of Love
By Jewel Stone 

     Wings of Love takes a refreshing look at contemporary romance novels. Introduced in Wings of Love is Abigail Harper, who resides in the deep mountain country to only have someone-Philip--unexpectedly show up on her doorstep. Philip and Abigail have a mysterious shared past which comes out to play in this novel. Philip is on the search for a mysterious romance novelist who has shot up on the Best Seller pages. Little does he know exactly for who he is searching.

     Wings of Love is unique in its style of characters. They are not mysterious strangers who just have met during a terrible snow squall; they have a past that adds to the romance of the story line. The scenery of the snow-covered mountains is a must for this story to fully come together. Ms. Stone does an excellent job of characterizing Abigail and Philip and describing the situations in which they find themselves. The romance is an on-going romance and does not drag. The romance gives hope for all of the readers who choose to read this novel.