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Publisher: Silhouette Books
Release Date: May 2003
Format Reviewed: Paperback0-373-19660-1
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Genre: Contemporary Romance [New Zealand]
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Faith V. Smith
Reviewer Notes:

With His Kiss
Silhouette Romance, No. 1660
By Laurey Bright 

     As a first time reader of Ms. Bright's, I found her novel an easy read.

     Triss Allardyce's newly widow status is threatened by the return of prodigal son, Gunther Steve Stevens. Her late husband throws her a curve from beyond the grave when he makes both Triss and Steve co-executors and partners in the boys' home he founded. Steve's attitude and accusations leave her in tears, frustrated and hurt beyond belief. She is clueless as to what she did to make him despise her, but powerless to change his feelings that she is a manipulative, hard-hearted gold digger.

     Steve does not trust Triss and never has. Her marriage to Magnus caused a rift between him and his surrogate father. The young bride was a surprise and a shock to him, and he finds himself wanting her as a man wants a woman. Now after several years of self-imposed separation, he finds that he can't forget her and that absence does make the heart grow fonder. Triss, the widow, is still beautiful but she is not quite how he remembers her. Is her touch-me-not persona an act, or is her grieving widow performance for real?

      Triss and Steve travel a roundabout journey to find love. Although their path is full of pitfalls at times, the hero and heroine in Ms. Bright's latest romance discover a relationship that overcomes all obstacles.

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