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Publisher: Wings ePress Inc.
Release Date: March 2003
ISBN: 1590881567
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Paranormal Romance
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
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Yesterday's Promise
By Eden Robins 

     Through Christine Hart's nightly dreams, she is able to escape the harsh realities of her own life. Strangely, each night she has the same reoccurring dream where she finds herself being transported to a peaceful tranquil location with a man of mystery beckoning her to come and be by his side. Having ended an abusive relationship, and working a daily 12-hour shift, she knows she is long overdue for a vacation. A close friend gives her a birthday present that will enable her to travel to beautiful St. Augustine and stay in the famous bed and breakfast, established in the late 1700's, known as the Monk's Inn. She realizes this is just the opportunity she has been searching for to get a much needed rest. When she arrives at the Monk's Inn, she is stunned to see familiar surroundings; she feels as though she has once visited it in a past life. When she is placed in what is known as the Alejandro Suite, she is shocked to find her dream has turned into reality; there before her is the same handsome man who has been haunting her nightly thoughts. Could her peaceful dreams be about to turn into a nightmare?

     The Monk's Inn was once Alejandro Martinez Garcia's beloved home. Now he finds himself a 200-year-old ghost who is determined to avenge the wrong that had been done to him and his family. Through Christine Hart's dreams, his voice summoned her to come closer. Would he be able to rekindle a bond between them that was so strong that it surpressed all things? Or would vengeance be his just reward?

     Eden Robins maintains a superb balance between her romance and her research. This is the type of story that flows like fine champagne, full of sparkle, zest, and energy.

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