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Publisher: Avon (Harper Collins)
Release Date: February 2004
ISBN: 0380811081
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre:   Historical Romance [1832 & 1844 Hampshire, UK]
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Rachel A Hyde
Reviewer Notes:  Some sex

Again The Magic 
By Lisa Kleypas

        Lady Aline Marsden did the unthinkable when she was young and innocent – had an affair with stable lad John McKenna. This resulted in her being buried deep in the country while he was sent away…to make his fortune. Twelve years later, he is back in her life once more, only a rich and successful man after his sojourn in America. This time he has the upper hand and he desires revenge on the woman who broke his heart. Nevertheless, does he really want this, or does he still love Aline?

      The story of a lover out for revenge but finding love is hardly a new one, but there is always plenty of passion and fire in a Lisa Kleypas novel and this burns even brighter than most. Running alongside all this is the love story of Aline’s younger sister Livia, which brings some relief from the intensity of John and Aline’s ardor although this is as intense in its way. If you want a love story with plenty of real romance, some breathless sex and a sense of the sadness as well as the joy of love then this is the book for you. I didn’t get much of a period feel of the 1830s and 40s – this book could have been set any time in the 19th century – but even if the historical part is less than ideal, the romance sizzles.