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Publisher: HarperAudio
Release Date: February 17, 2004
ISBN: 0060594373
Format Reviewed: Audio Book - Unabridged
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Romance – Chick Lit
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes: Explicit Content

Ain't She Sweet?
By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Read by Anna Fields

     Fifteen years had passed since Sugar Beth Carey visited Parrish, Mississippi. Being rich and spoiled allowed her the luxury of reeking (sp?) havoc on Parrish by destroying the life of anyone who got in the way of her fun. Now she has returned a broken woman, penniless, and with three failed marriages. She is hoping that by claiming her inheritance (a valuable painting and carriage house) that her luck is about to change. She is unaware the citizens of Parrish have no intention of welcoming her back with open arms.

      Colin Byrne was a victim of Sugar Beth’s devious lies. They cost him his prominent position as a high school teacher. He never forgave her for her act of betrayal. He’s turned his life around and is now a successful writer. Colin resides in the same house Sugar Beth grew up in, and the property she inherits borders his land. When he learns she is back in town, he begins plotting his revenge.

      Melissa Leo is the perfect person to read Ain’t She Sweet. Her rich southern drawl paints a very candid picture of the delightful characters in Susan Elizabeth Phillips highly acclaimed book. Fans in search of a lighthearted read that offers a lot of meaningful substance should take note of this exhilarating audio book.