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Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Release Date: March 2004
Format Reviewed: e-book
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Genre: Fantasy romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Amanda Kimbrell
Reviewer Notes: Sexual content 

Another Time, Another Place
By Barri Bryan

     Grace Collins’ agreement to teach at a small backwoods school did not prepare her to meet the likes of the Slaytons. As her curiosity grows about the Slaytons, she is overwhelmed with desire for one Slayton in particular. As she begins to understand the tenuous bond between herself and a man who is not welcome in her polite society, she is suddenly confronted with a past curse that she must break in order to be with the man of her dreams.

     Another Time, Another Place has a quick pace with an interesting twist on the classic tale of cursed lovers. Although parts of the tale are stiff and anachronistic with the time period in which the story is set, the story has encouraging drama, highlighted with sexual appeal. I would have liked more character definition to understand the sudden and strange alteration of the characters’ behavior and to make the emotional ties between the characters more enhanced.