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Publisher: Genesis (Indigo)
Release Date: March 2004
ISBN: 1585711446
Format Reviewed: Advanced Reader Copy
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Genre: Contemporary Romance / African American
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Carisa Weeaks

Reviewer Notes:


Code Name: Diva
By J.M. Jeffries

      Seven years ago, Marine Major Derek Lange crossed a line he shouldn't have - he slept with his mentor's daughter. Fighting his feelings for her, based on his guilt of her only being nineteen and just starting her life, he leaves her high and dry, never looking back. Who knew that seven years later, he would get himself into a position even more awkward than before?

      Raven Hathaway can make men insane with a smile, and she knows it, but her heart, unfortunately was taken by someone else seven years ago. That hasn't stopped her from becoming one kick-butt diva. Using the superficial model act as a cover for her real job as a spy for the CIA, Raven has brought down some of the biggest bad boys in the world just by a wink and a smile. Now, she's focused on bringing down another baddy, a sheik who is bent on destroying the world…even though he values a good Texas steak and American woman as much as he does his money. There's only one thing that could go wrong, and thanks to the guy who dropped her like a sack of rotten potatoes, that one thing happens. Now both of them are in extreme danger, stuck in the middle of nowhere, and no one knows where they are, to be able to save them.

      Will Derek and Raven make it out alive? Will their sudden fateful fall into each other's arms be a clue that they need to give each other another chance?

       J.M. Jeffries is a collaborating team of Jackie Hamilton and Miriam Pace. I have always been a huge fan of theirs and will always treasure each book I receive of theirs. This one is no exception. It's a story chock-full of smart-aleck humor and steamy moments between Derek and Raven. I LOVE Raven Hathaway's style. Her high-maintenance model image somehow meshes so well with her tough spy chic attitude like Gucci shoes with a Prada bag. It is an African-American centered book with some scenes that may be a little too steamy for some. I definitely recommend this book.