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Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Release Date:
ISBN: 1-58608-488-7
Format Reviewed: E-book
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Genre:   Medieval Romance [Saxony]
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Shelina Emery

Reviewer Notes: Spicy Adult Theme

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Conquest of the White Rose
By Goldie McBride

   Lady Elspeth was resigned to her fate when the Norman invaders took her lands. Though it was not easy, she was able to hide her identity as Lady of the manor, until the new Lord arrived and saved her from the brutality of the men sent before him. Try as she might Elspeth could not hate Lord Arnaud as she tried to fight the feelings he stirred inside her.
Lord Arnaud is a man of his word. By the vow's he had taken, he knew he could not have Elspeth. Her beauty haunted him day and night, until fate brings them together and she becomes mother to his son. Arnaud is called away to Normandy, but on his return to Saxony, he must put aside all he ever believed in to save the woman he truly loves.

    This has to be one of the most beautifully written medieval romances I have yet to read. The characters seemed very real to me. When Elspeth experienced deep grief, I actually found myself feeling a little of that pain. Very well written and excellent read. Definitely, worth keeping that you will want to read again.