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Publisher: Avon / HarperCollins
Release Date: 01/27/2004
ISBN: 00600925X
Format Reviewed:
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Genre:   Modern Romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Elaine Hopper
Reviewer Notes:  Reviewer Elaine Hopper is the author of twenty published romance novels.

Daisy’s Back In Town
By Rachel Gibson

   Daisy’s Back In Town revolves around two tried and true plots – the reunion and hidden baby. Despite this, Daisy’s Back In Town vibrates with life, love, and humor, making a worn plot fresh.

    Daisy returns to her sleepy little town in Texas to fulfill a promise she made to her recently deceased husband – to reveal a long-held secret, one that has the potential to radically alter three lives. Although she knew it wouldn’t be easy, her mission proves almost impossible when the old sparks fly between her and Jack, her son’s biological father. She had believed their love to be long dead, but it sizzles to life. Unfortunately, Jack’s grudge is anything but dead and fueled by the knowledge she delivers.

    Jack is faced with the decision of how to proceed while Daisy must decide whether to return to her life in Texas, or the one she made with her husband in Seattle. Jack’s bitterness is not making things easy for either of them.

      Rachel Gibson has a new fan. I was enthralled by every word and wished it could have lasted longer. I will eagerly look forward to reading future stories by this exciting author.