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Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Release Date: 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-399-6
Format Reviewed:
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Genre: Time Travel Romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Elaine Hopper
Reviewer Notes: Elaine Hopper is the author of twenty published romance novels.  Review 2

Dream Weaver
By S.A. Martin (Shirley Martin)

    In Shirley Martin’s Dream Weaver, troubling dreams of the past haunts high school history teacher Gwen Emrys. Night after night she sees a Colonial log cabin go up in flames, a young man dressed as an American colonist, and visions of wounded soldiers on bloody battlefields.

    When she sees a travel pamphlet with the exact restored village, she is compelled to see it with her eyes wide open. While on tour of the village, she faints and awakens at the cabin in 1762 during the middle of Smallpox epidemics, Indian wars, and British and French intrigue.

   The first person she meets is handsome doctor, Christian Norgard, the cabin’s owner and the man from her dreams. To her dismay, he doesn’t believe that she’s a time traveler from the year 2003. Then to her horror, she overhears that he believes her to be a French spy and that French spies are hanged, drawn, quartered, or burned at the stake.

     Still romance blooms and is interwoven deftly with Colonial Pennsylvania history, magically transporting the reader back in time with Gwen and Christian.

    The story also revisits Rebecca and Daniel Chamberlain from High Wind Rising, Ms. Martin’s first historical novel. No worries, this book stands completely alone and provides a highly emotionally satisfying read.

    An excellent story teller, Ms. Martin spins you into her tightly woven web of romance. A lover of the Colonial period, she makes it jump alive with vibrant emotion and detail. Take my word, this is a story you won’t want to put down from start to finish.