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Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
Release Date: November 2004
Format Reviewed: E-Book
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Genre:   Paranormal Fantasy Romance Anthology

Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Faith V. Smith
Reviewer Notes:  Explicit Sex

Enchanted Holidays
By Kim Cox, Elizabeth Delisi, Chris Grover, Elaine Hopper
Maureen McMahon, Sheryl Hames Torres

   Enchanted Holidays is a wonderful collection of holiday stories. The six authors are all different but blend romance suspense and paranormal together for a mini-marathon of reading delight.

   In Kim Cox's "Haunted Hearts," Lana Malloy's first adventure into the private eye business is to solve the twenty-year-old murder of her aunt. The kicker is that her Aunt Lucy still resides in spirit form in Lana's home. Her aunt wants to find the real killer and set the record straight; she did not kill her fiancé. Time is running out, and the murder must be solved before midnight on Valentine's Day or Lucy will miss her chance to move to the next realm.

   "Mistletoe Medium" author Elizabeth Delisi's heroine, Lottie Baldwin, moves to North Dakota and finds the earthly and handsome sheriff Harkin Erikson, who singes her blood. She wonders why her psychic abilities didn't warn her about the law-enforcement officer. When a series of robberies take place and her home and life are threatened, she turns to the seductive Harkin. They combine forces to find the burglar, combat both their vindictive ex's, and hopefully discover love.

   Rianna Gordon takes possession of "Valentine's Inn" and finds Josh Byford, a rescuer of bedraggled kitties. He tries to convince her not to sell her inheritance, and his claim that she could run it herself keeps running through her mind. Could she make a go of the inn? After further consideration, she takes his advice and meets with an investor. The investor spins a strange tale: his father Josh Byford died in the fire that gutted the inn years before. Author Chris Grover combines ghosts, real estate ploys, and love in this unique story.

   In Elaine Hopper's "Curse of Osiris,"Alexis Hart must rely on a childhood love to save her from a demon-god. Prophecy decries that she will become the bride of Seth and she will be sacrificed so he can rule the world. It takes one dominating American male, Zane Ryan, to convince her that his love is true and that she belongs to him for all eternity. He proves this by battling a half-demon, half-human monster and hopes the battle for Alexis's heart will not be a battle to the death.

   "Ghosts of Auld Lang Syne"author Maureen McMahon takes us to a spooky mansion where journalist Stacy Christian joins forces with her friend Holly to find out who is haunting her new home. Together, they discover that a jilted ancestor needs to be released to rejoin her lost love. To make matters more explosive, someone is taking pot shots at the housewarming guests. When Peter Mansfield, Stacy's former lover, turns up, the peril she finds herself in is the danger of losing her heart, as well as her life.

   Sheryl Hames Torres paints a poignant picture of a heroine, Gemma McKinsey Fuller, who hates Christmas. The holiday had never brought her anything but grief and betrayal. A tragic accident during the yuletide seasons took the lives of her husband and child. It also left her without her hearing and with the ability to hear pain in others. When a little girl speaks to her mind, she gives both the child and her father refuge, only to discover that the man who threw her over for another love is the little girl's father.