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Publisher:Wings ePress
Release Date: October 2003
ISBN: EBook: 1-59088-212-X Trade Paperback: 1-59088-837-5
Format Reviewed: Ebook
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Genre:   Historical Romance [World War II Era]

Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
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A Father's Hope
By Judy Leigh Peters

   Angel Boucher and her twin sister, Lynne, grew up in an orphanage. When Lynn becomes seriously ill, Angel is left to care for her young niece, Christy. Christy was conceived through a one-night stand with a soldier, and Lynne failed to notify him of her situation. Angel knows the importance of having both parents in the child's life. She makes the decision to write the GI and tell him of the daughter he never had a chance to know.

   Gabe Stefonelli receives the letter while he is recovering in the hospital. The war has cost him his leg and he's facing an uncertain future. The news of his daughter gives him the hope to keep on living. He travels to where the mother of his child lives. He fully intends to take his daughter home to California so she will discover the roots of her heritage. One look into Lynne's eyes, and he forgets his original intent.

   As Angel open the door, she is unprepared to find Christy's father standing in front of her. She is able to convince him that she is her twin sister, Lynne. When Angel informs Lynne of his arrival, Angel pleads with Lynne to help conceal her true identity. Together, they plan on deceiving Gabe long enough to allow Lynne to recover and take Angel's place. With each day that passes, the lies keep mounting. Angel finds herself losing her heart to this courageous man so full of love. She knows that this is just a temporary situation, one that she will be forced to give up when the time arrives. Will her heart withstand the pain that it is sure to cause when the time arrives to give up her newfound life?

   Judy Leigh Peters' writing has taken me by storm! I absolutely fell in love with A Father's Hope. From page one I was unable to put down this wonderful story until I finished the last memorable page. The characters are so compelling, the plot so moving, my heart is still filled with unspeakable joy. This is definitely the best historical romance of any I have yet to read in 2004. I highly encourage this author to consider marketing this book as a movie. I feel it would be an outstanding Hallmark Movie Classic. Very highly recommended!