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Publisher: Avon / Harper Collins
Release Date: Feb 2004
ISBN: 0060541741
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Regency romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes:

Guilty Pleasures
By Laura Lee Guhrke

     Anthony, Duke of Tremore, is working an excavation on his English estate. Daphne Wade, shy and prim, has been hired to restore the priceless artifacts he has been digging up. She is secretly in love with him, but he sees her only as an excellent employee.

      Anthony's sister decides to transform this plain young woman into a beauty. Anthony says it is impossible. When Daphne overhears this, she is determined to prove him wrong. When she decides to resign, he persuades her to stay on for another month and offers to instruct her in the ways of society. He gradually becomes aware of her as a woman, not just as an employee, and finds himself in love with her. Daphne, though deeply and secretly in love with him, has doubts about his sincerity. It is Anthony's purpose now to convince her of his love.

      This is the usual tale of the ugly duckling turned into a swan. The transformation of Daphne is a delight to behold. Anthony's dilemma, realizing that his shy restorer has taken hold of his heart and not knowing what to do about it, is a study in itself. The story is well plotted with a delightful cast of characters who keep the action moving at a constant pace. The dialogue is filled with witty repartee.

      A pleasant book to pick up to lighten the reader's day....