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Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Release Date: April 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-396-1
Format Reviewed: e-book
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Genre: Futuristic romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Amanda Kimbrell
Reviewer Notes: Graphic violence; sexual content

Hawk’s Redemption
By Kathleen Garnsey

     "The Hawk" went from a life of fighting crime and corruption to a life of avoiding the very people he once swore to protect. Determined to clear his name and regain his honor, he leads a band across the galaxy in hopes of finding the crucial evidence that would allow him to return to his home planet.

     Kylie Beryl, in a desperate attempt to find a cure for the Genesis Disorder, agrees to go to the SEA Lab, a research city underwater on the planet Neptus. For Kylie, this is not a simple mission of hope for her people and her parents who have the debilitating disease; she must uncover the unknown enemies who would take the cure for the highest bidder. Together, Hawk and Kylie, with help from space and water friends, must search through space to keep the entire race from extinction while exploring their attraction for one another.

     What a find! Hawk’s Redemption has everything a reader could ask for: romance, intrigue, action and adventure. Jaunts in space and underwater antics, coupled with really hot and steamy romance, makes this a thrilling novel to peruse! Kathleen Garnsey added in just the right amount of mystery, mayhem and suspense and made this a novel that I just couldn’t put down!