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Publisher: Avalon
Release Date: Dec. 2003
ISBN: 0803496257
Format Reviewed: Hardcover
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Genre: Contemporary romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Janet Elaine Smith
Reviewer Notes:  Janet Elaine Smith is the author of 11 published novels, including Par for the Course, a “best time travel of 2003” from Affaire de Couer magazine. Coming in Feb. 2004 are non-fiction book, The Flood of the Millennium: The Real Heroes, the Survivors and new inspirational historical romance, Dakota Printer. She also writes regularly for 10 print magazines and numerous online sites.

Here Comes Trouble
By Kathy Carmichael

     Here Comes Trouble is typical Kathy Carmichael downright fun. Set in the town of Littlemouth, it centers around a group of the town’s women who are known as The Readers’ Organization Uniting Bookloving Littlemouth Elites. The acronym, which is how everyone refers to them, is TROUBLE.

      TROUBLE has turned its efforts to playing matchmaker for the local quiet young lady, Stella Goody. Just when it seems like there is nobody suitable for Stella, Stella’s childhood sweetheart, Quin Gregory puts in an appearance after his worldwide escapades.

     The fun begins when Quin gets stuck in a dumpster, trying to rescue a poor little pup. When Stella shows up, he recruits her to help him, since he has some “war injuries” (although he was nowhere the war). When Quin can’t find a suitable home for the pup, Stella is once again called into action.
The escapades between these two will have you holding your sides as you laugh your way from page to page. You will end up even cheering the TROUBLE makers for their meddling ways. Highly recommended.