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Publisher: Avon (Harper Collins)
Release Date: April 1, 2004 (Reissue)
ISBN: 0380750082
Awards:   Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice--Best New Historical Romance Author, 1986
Format Reviewed:
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Genre:   Historical Romance
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes:  Explicit Content

The Hidden Heart 
By Laura Kinsale

    For years, Lady Tess Collier has explored the many mysteries of the world with her natural scientist father. Her carefree lifestyle provided her an unlimited supply of adventure. When her father succumbed to yellow fever he made her promise on his deathbed that she would return to London. After his passing, she kept her word and returned to a home she hadn’t seen in ten years. Locked deep inside her soul, her spirit calls out to return to the wilds of the jungle.

     Sea Captain, Gryphon Frost is hired to bring Tess back to England and to guard her against the evils that may threaten a young beautiful woman. His duty will end when he finds her a suitable husband. There are many suitors who pursue the fair maiden’s hand but none are worthy in his eyes. Each day he spends in her company his heart is drawn closer to falling in love. He knows this love can never be explored, for his past threatens to reveal itself and unleash secrets that would destroy them both.

    Laura Kinsale’s one of my all time favorite romance authors. With every book I read of hers, I fall more in love with her addictive writing style. This amazing author writes with such an emotional flare that it literally sky rockets all the other competition. Art such as she is able to create is a priceless treasure. Very highly recommended.