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Publisher: Echelon Press
Release Date: March 2004
ISBN: 1-59080-119-9
Format Reviewed: Advance Review Copy
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Reviewed: March 2004

Reviewer: Faith V. Smith
Reviewer Notes: Explicit Sexual Content

It Happened In Florence
By Erin Aislinn

      Jennifer Morgan returns to Italy after two decades for business reasons only. Florence might be the city of love, but she isn't interested. Jennifer lost her only love before her daughter Amilya was born. The new project she will be working on will allow her to create a building for one of the most influential men in the world, and Jennifer is determined to ignore handsome James Donovan-her new boss - a task he doesn't make easy.

      James doesn't understand why the beautiful Boston architect is so aloof. She rebuffs his overtures of more than friendship. After she learns her daughter is being stalked, she turns to him for comfort and reassurance, and James finds that holding her is better than he imagined. Finally she turns to him for more than friendship, and he knows that in his arms is where Jennifer belongs.

      Jennifer and James both have hang-ups that block their path to happiness; the ghost of a past love haunts Jennifer, and James has a temper brought on by jealousy. Misunderstandings lead them almost to destruction before their desire to love conquers past mistakes.

      Ms. Aislinn paints a poignant tale of love with a plot that is almost as complex as her characters' emotions. Parts of the story are confusing, but if the reader perseveres, she will find an ending that is almost as lovely as the city of Florence.