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Publisher: Awe-Struck E-books
Release Date: May 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-464-7
Format Reviewed: E-Book
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Genre: Regency Romance
Reviewed: March 2004
Reviewer: Faith V. Smith
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Lady Valiant
By Delle Jacobs

     Lord Reginald Beauhampton's career as an author may come crashing to an end before it takes off if he doesn't find the perfect heroine. Lady Chloe Daventry's quest to find a husband to save her younger sisters from her despicable cousin turns up nil until she meets a hero with ink-stained hands.

      One glance at the enthralling Lady Daventry and Reginald is certain she is the only woman he can pattern his lady pirate after. Against his code of honor, he pens Chloe as a brazen woman who rides the bow of a ship like a pirate king. But Reggie soon discovers he is in more danger from the genteel maid than he would ever be with his fictional vixen.

      Reggie and Chloe's tentative relationship grows into love and their problems just grow. She is distraught over the plight of her sisters and Reggie is battling inner conflict over his father's obsession to control him. When the Duke uses Chloe's sisters as a more direct method of wrecking Reggie's hoped for marriage to Chloe, the newly acclaimed author and the lady come up with their own agenda to put things right.

      Ms. Jacobs is an extraordinary author; my first read from her work, Loki's Daughters was an eye-opener to her talent. She follows that same path with Lady Valiant. Her characters are unique in their emotions, the plot is regency with a twist, and the secondary characters are outstanding.